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Albert Legutko Racing


2016 Season summary



Albert Legutko wins the race on legendary Monza and finishes the season in second place!


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The last two races of the 2016 Kia Lotos Race season took place on the 1st of October. This time, the competitors were racing on the legendary Italian circuit Monza. Albert Legutko won all four training sessions on Thursday in a good speed. Three qualifying session were scheduled for Friday (Q1, Q2 and Q3 - like in F1). Albert dominated the first two; the third one, unfortunately, happened to be quite unfortunate. During Albert's fastest lap, the driver in front of him didn’t control his car and fell out of the track in the second sector. As a consequence of the following yellow flag, Albert was forced to slow down on his fastest lap and was third in the qualifications.


The start of the first race was looking very promising. Albert, initially on the third position, was second on the first chicane, and first on the next one. He finished the race on the first position. Simultaneously, he drove the fastest lap and proved thus his capabilities and feeling of the track.


As described in the terms of the series, the winner of the first race starts the second race on the sixth position. Albert thus had to fight his way through to the podium in the second race. The start, once again, was excellent. After the first chicane, he was fourth. Unfortunately, two drivers in front of him crashed and one of them fell out of the track which forced Albert to slow down in order to avoid another crash. He lost his fourth position. He did not give up, however, and started catching up. Once again on the fourth position, luck wasn’t on his side. Another driver hit his car in one of the chicanes and Albert fell to the seventh position and had even more losses to recover. He reached the second place and started chasing the leader but got hit by another overambitious driver.


Despite all this damage, Albert once again reached the second position and caught up to the leader. Unfortunately, the damaged suspension did not allow the car to be as fast as it could be, even in the aerodynamic slipstream behind the leader. Albert did attempt to take over the lead but decided not to risk a collision and was, in the end, content with the second place and the fastest lap of the race.


In summary: the weekend on Monza was successful. Albert proved that he is a fast driver with big potential. The first and second place in the two races got him the second place in the general ranking. Congratulations!


Author: Justyna Legutko


@Kia Lotos Race@Kia Lotos Race



Albert starts the second half of the season with a victory


@Kia Lotos Race@Kia Lotos Race


The race on the Lausitzring (Germany) started off the competition in the second part of the season Kia Lotos Race 2016. Albert Legutko did great there. During the two free practice sessions on Friday, he drove the fastest laps, and thus proved that his aim is still the championship title.

Saturday's qualifying also proceeded very favorably for Albert, and finished with his victory. Furthermore, he started from pole position in the first race on Sunday and didn’t give it up until the finish line. This was the second race in his young career as a touring car driver in which he led from start to finish.


In total, he managed to gain some valuable points, to catch up a little bit more to the current leader, and hence to strengthen his second position in the general classification.


Now, he is looking forward to the race in Czech Most. During his debutant season last year, Albert won there for the very first time in his car racing career. Will he be able to repeat such a victory? Find out the answer soon! Watch the race in Most ;)  


Author: Adalbert Wuel

Translation: Justyna Legutko


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KLR 2016 - 1st summary


The first half of the highly exciting and successful season of the Kia Lotos Race 2016 is now over and done with.


During the first six races of this year’s edition of KLR2016, four of which were held on Formula 1 tracks, Albert Legutko scored four second, one third and one fourth place.


The season started very well with the two second places on the Hungaroring. These were his first races during rainy weather, and, despite the very difficult track conditions, he drove both races faultlessly fighting until the end for the fastest lap time.


The next two races were held on the Red Bull Ring track in Austria. During the qualifications, he won the pole position unequivocally. In the first race, he nonetheless had to acknowledge the superiority of the current KLR2015 champion, and arrived second again. In the second race, hit twice by competitors, he did his best to catch up again. Unfortunately, there was only enough time to finish the race on the fourth place. Despite this, full of optimism, he faced the next two races in Poznan.


Albert dominated the qualifications for the first race in Poznan almost to the very last minute. It was just then when he missed the pole position by only 0.029 seconds. Motivated, he faced the first race, and has been following the leader the whole time, doing his best to find an opportunity for a decisive attack during the last laps. Unfortunately, just before the planned attack three laps before the end, two overlapped drivers appeared in front. Albert Legutko did not have as much luck at overtaking them as the leader of the race, which caused him to lose over a second to him. He did manage to get that second back; however, there was no more time for another attack which resulted in finishing the race on the, still excellent, second position.


Halfway through the season, Albert Legutko occupies the great second place in the general classification, right after the current KLR2015 champion. Until the end of the season, there are still three races to go: on the German Lausitzring (16th -17th of July), on the Czech track in Most (03rd-04th of September) and the great final will take place on the Italian Monza track (1st-2nd of October.


Author: Adalbert Wuel

Translation: Justyna Legutko


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